Tactical Defence Equipment Sales and After-Sales Support Services

Norbo works with the companies best in their fields to provide the special equipment the end user needs. It offers such equipment to the end users in Turkey and provides after-sales support.

This section contains some of these products. For detailed information, you can contact Norbo authorities via the contact information or contact form on the Contact page.

Representative and Consultancy Activities

Norbo also represents foreign companies in Turkey, whose products and services are demanded by Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Interior and its affiliated institutions.

Instead of the standard sense of representation that comes into play as needed, Norbo acts with a dynamic strategy ensuring that the needs are well understood and met in the most effective way. In this way, it provides a expedited and cost-effective service to the authority of need and provides added value to the company providing the product and service. In this scope, Norbo also acts as part of the technical team during the coordination phase of the projects and hence, in addition to representative services, it also provides project consultancy.

In addition to these services, Norbo also offers “Security Analysis and Audit” and “Security Planning” services.

Holographic Sighting Devices,
Thermal Devices,
Special-Purpose Electro-Optical Systems...
Tactical Equipment
Military Field Equipment,
Tactical Lighting,
Rail and Adaptation Systems for Handgun and Rifle...
Ballistic Protection Equipment
Ballistic Equipment for Security Forces,
Plates for Vehicle Armour,
Assault Vests
VIP Vest,
Bomb Blanket,
Extra Armour Plates...
Aircraft Rescue Systems
Air Bags,
Inflating Equipment for Air Bags,
Emergency Response Kits,
Sledge System for Mishap Aircraft Removal,
Wheeled Towing System...