20 Years of Experience

Norbo Defence is a 100% Domestically Funded
Defence and Aerospace Company.

Commencing its activities in 2000 and leaving behind 20 years after its establishment, Norbo is experiencing the pride of fulfilling its mission successfully as its founder puts it “Bringing the technologies and special-purpose mission equipment that have proven themselves on the battlefield in the world to the Turkish Armed Forces, Turkish National Police and other state institutions by providing precise and precious solutions to their needs and being a solution partner”.

Fields of Activity
Product and Service Procurement

Norbo provides the special products and services needed by end users in the field, the main contractors and subcontractors in the supply chain with the understanding of being “solution partner”.

Mechanical System Production for Land Platforms

Norbo is preparing to launch a range of solutions to meet the critical needs of end users in the field soon, while continuing to develop its engineering and technical infrastructure to meet the needs of the future.

System Integration for Land Platforms

Norbo is working on the production of mechanical systems for land platforms, as well as their integration into the platforms. Thus, it offers ready-to-use solutions to the end-user.

After-Sales Support

foresees after-sales support needs in advance thanks to its years of experience and makes necessary preparations.
Thus, it offers ready-to-use
solutions to the end-user.

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Products and Services


Ballistic Protection

Aircraft Rescue

Tactical Equipment